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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sisters of the Brush at Fieldstone Winery

The Sisters of the Brush will be at Fieldstone Winery in downtown Rochester Michigan for the month of December!  The art group I belong to will be having a show at Fieldstone Winery.  It will also be a fundraiser for the Mary McCarthy Anderson Scholarship that we sponsor at Paint Creek Center for the Arts.  Fifty percent of sales will go to the scholarship.  On December 11th from 6-9pm we will have an open house with wine tastings, appetizers and lots more to make it a fun evening. Also check out the downtown Big Bright Light show while you are there. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Art Prize 2014

I made it to Art Prize on the last week-end of the show.  In comparison to other years I thought the outdoor art was disappointing.  There were a few good pieces but the rest.. not so good.   I didn't make it to all of the big venues.  I tend to like the pieces made from something else.  Maybe because it is different from what I normally produce as a painter.  

One of the big winners was a piece called "Intersections".  It was a large box that had a lace Moroccan type pattern carved into it.  A light was placed in the center so the pattern was reflected on all four walls and the ceiling and floor. 

Another piece I liked was a large horse made out of recycled material.  It had a presence!  I didn't get the name of the piece or the artist. 

I love that art brings thousands of people to Grand Rapids to experience what American artists have to offer. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Who is your favorite artist?

I have gotten in a rut with my blog so I thought I would kick start it with something new.  I have many artists that I love. The one I am going to talk about today is Georgia O'Keefe.  I saw a painting of hers while at the Art Institute of Chicago recently.  I understand Georgia studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago in the early 1900s.  The painting was an abstraction of flowers.  She could take an ordinary flower and make it looks sensual.  Each petal was interesting.   She could bring the viewer right into the picture.  Enlarging the tiniest petal to fill an entire canvas emphasized their shapes and line and made them appear abstract. 

Who is your favorite artist and why?  Lets talk about it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upcoming LSG Show

The Sisters of the Brush, which I am a member, is having an upcoming show at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale , Michigan.  Here are the details. You can also go to www.sistersofthebrush.com.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Michigan Glacier

After a long, cold winter and the death of my mother I had a difficult time getting myself to paint.  I am getting past that hump and have started creating.

My first painting to post about on my blog is one where  I first sprayed and dropped paint on cheesecloth on watercolor paper. (Arches of course) When I found an interesting pattern I brought it out using ink.  I am not finished with this but wanted to share the journey.