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Friday, June 5, 2015

Adventures of Carson

I decided that my family really needed a dog.  I have three boys and they had begged for a dog for years!  I knew I needed to want a dog too because most of the doggie care would land on me.  My son Tim and I drove to Ohio to pick our pooch.  We named him Carson after our favorite butler on Downton Abbey.  He breed is Havanese , which originates in Cuba.  My husband finds this fascinating and I think he expected Carson to come home with a cigar. 

We have had Carson since November.  It was not easy trying to house train a dog in the winter.  We were mostly successful.  One of Carson's tricks is that he likes to chew things.  My shoes are a favorite, but that's another story.  One day Carson snuck into my art studio and made his own creation.  He calls it Paper Explosion.   His medium was paper towel.  Carson will do commissions.