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Monday, October 20, 2014

Art Prize 2014

I made it to Art Prize on the last week-end of the show.  In comparison to other years I thought the outdoor art was disappointing.  There were a few good pieces but the rest.. not so good.   I didn't make it to all of the big venues.  I tend to like the pieces made from something else.  Maybe because it is different from what I normally produce as a painter.  

One of the big winners was a piece called "Intersections".  It was a large box that had a lace Moroccan type pattern carved into it.  A light was placed in the center so the pattern was reflected on all four walls and the ceiling and floor. 

Another piece I liked was a large horse made out of recycled material.  It had a presence!  I didn't get the name of the piece or the artist. 

I love that art brings thousands of people to Grand Rapids to experience what American artists have to offer.