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Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Mayer

The husband and I went to a John Mayer concert last night. John has been in the news a lot because he spewed out the n word and said some not so nice things about his ex's in an article for Playboy. He seems rather ashamed of it now. He has several black musicians and singers in his band. What was he thinking? Anyways, he is a terrific singer and puts on a good show.

When did it become the norm for people to stand through an entire concert? I payed good money for my seat and I am going to use it. It used to be that people would stand a little while and then sit down. Our seats were on the aisle so I could see fairly well. I kept wishing that the very tall man across the aisle would sit down then I could see all of the band members. The view of the shoes was interesting. I saw a lot women in high heels struggling to get up the stairs. A few had to be helped because you put lots of alcohol together with teetery shoes and you have trouble!

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  1. Ya know that why I just don't like to go to concerts- you have to tolerate the people! Although, I wouldn't mind putting up with a James Taylor crowd! I think you have to have a more "mature" audience. You know, the kind that appreciate the lazy boy and pillow-top home furnishings....