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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Artprize continued

Another piece that stood out to me was "Invasion" by Lisa March. It is about the carp invading the Great Lakes. Carp are a very invasive fish once the get into waters and there have been controversial measures taken to try and get rid of them. Her piece of art is carp that are made of wire and paper machet (I think). The carp are very life like with expressive faces. They appear to be swimming at you.

In "Dream Collector" by Heather Holloman the artist had 378 jars displayed on 6 wooden bookshelves. People could walk in between the shelves to look at the jars. In the jars were dreams. She had recorded mostly childrens dreams, wrote them down on cards , put items in the jars to represent those dreams and suspended them in water. It was interesting to read the dream cards and to see how she represented them.

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