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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roses are blooming

Yes I have been painting just not posting! This is a painting I did using goache and black ink. I first drew my composition on watercolor paper. Then I painted with white goache or you can use tempera paint, in the areas I wanted to keep white. When this was completely dry I painted black ink over the entire painting. This I let dry overnight. Then I wet the paper and scrubbed what I could, of the ink off the white areas. I think it gave the painting a vintage look. I chose to paint the one rose red. I don't know if I am finished with this painting yet.


  1. This is beautiful...looks finished to me...but then you are the artist!!!

    What a great process...I've experimented with painting and did something similar with something similar to goache, may have been goache but I don't remember the name, similar process though...great fun to work with!

  2. Diane-
    Be sure to bring this to CEO this week. I think we saw it, but before you added the red rose? It's lovely, and I'll be interested to see what more you may have decided to do.
    Also: note that I've set up my own blog, and provided a link to yours. I jsut have to make sure it works.
    See you soon!

  3. What's the name to your blog Harra?

  4. This painting is very beautiful, may I use it as my FB cover if you don't mind?