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Saturday, June 8, 2013


I took a Marilyn Dewenskus workshop last week. Marilyn is a mixed media artist that is a former Ball State professor. She used to live in the Detroit area and comes in for workshops every so often. She was a fantastic teacher! I learned about pouring which is where you mix up a cup of watercolor paint and water, pour it over different papers- like paper towels, kleenex, fabric- and then let it dry. When its dry take off the paper and see that you have! Sometimes there was no paint left behind and sometimes it looks great. Marilyn adds into her paintings images of things that have meaning to her life. She makes it look easy but it really is not. I have included a picture of one of Marilyn's paintings. The second photo is of Jazz, our mascot for the week.  Also at the workshop were four of my fellow members of the Sisters of the Brush.  The art group that I am joyously a member of.  If you go to sistersofthebrush.com  You can see our posting of our week together painting. 

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