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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Prize

I made it Art Prize this year!  It is a city wide art competition in Grand Rapids that runs for 3 weeks. So far the winners have been realistic pieces and I am curious to see what type of art wins this year.    I can't say I saw any paintings that really blew me away but then again I didn't get to all of the venues. You can download the Art Prize ap and you can see all of the art.  I did see some outdoor sculptures that I thought were great.  I also saw a 4 panel quilted fabric piece that was amazing.   I am considering entering next year.  It would be terrific to put on my resume. 


  1. We missed seeing you at the MWCS annual meeting on Saturday. Was that the day you were in Grand Rapids? Actually attendance was light, so now I'm wondering if everyone ELSE was at Artprize as well!

    Will be very interested to hear about HOW one enters ArtPrize: I've never investigated that. You can blog about it!

  2. I am happy to say that Ann Loveless's art quilt "Sleeping Bear Dune", pictured above won the top prize at Art Prize! The other two pieces were in the top 10.