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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No kids home today

No kids home today. Thursday and Friday they have half days so I have to be productive today. Worked on four encaustics today. I think they are done not counting the hardware to hang them. Which reminds me I need to order more hangers. I am trying to decide what to enter into the Michigan Watercolor Show and what to put into the Sisters of the Brush show. I have a few contenders. I will take them to my next "Sisters" meeting and get their input.

I had someone show me a piece of "art" and ask me why I don't do something like that. Don't I want to make money? Of course I want to make money! I don't want to compromise why I am an artist. I could work at a restaurant if all I cared about was making money. I have to produce something I can be proud of and is my creation. Not something that looks mass produced that you could buy at Target! People that aren't artists--just don't get it!

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