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Monday, October 1, 2012

Why create art?

Why does anyone create art? Is Art really important? I think that if you have that creative urge you know it. If you deny that need to create something then you are denying a part of yourself. You might create art just for own eyes and no one else and that is fine. Most people I think, once they have painted for years, feel a need for others to see what they have created. You might not want to hear what other people think of your art. That can be scarey. But if no one sees what you have created and you have a voice in your art, then no one hears your voice!

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  1. I think some of us paint just because it's something we have started out to be competent in, and can get better at, and even aspire to excel. For me, if it wasn't painting and aspiring to creating art, I'd need something else - music? cooking? to inspire passion and skill. The down side of this reasoning is that it correlates painting with that dread word, Hobby. However, when the joy of the process takes over and I get in the zone, it matters little whether I've created art or not.