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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Why Should I Look at Art?"

I had a friend say to me recently "why should I look at Art?" Why should I go to art openings or go to museums? I don't know anything about art. I don't really appreciate art. If I see something that is pretty I might say that is pretty but beyond that I can't make any comments. I was a bit shocked by this response! This is an intelligent woman! I said once you become educated in art you learn to appreciated art. If she were to take an art class she might see more of the effort that goes into art. If she were to learn about Art History that would help. The more art you are exposed to the more interesting it becomes. I live in an area where sports are king! For someone to miss watching a U of M game on TV would be terrible! But to miss a friend's art show opening is no big deal! What do you think?

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